**Vector Graphic vs Bitmap***

What is a Vector Graphic?

Graphics are created in two ways; bitmap and vector. Bitmaps are images like jpg and png files, where a set number of colored blocks make up an image, like a mosaic (most graphics on the web are bitmaps). Bitmaps are not scalable without some resolution loss. Vector images, on the other hand, are more like technical drawings - illustrations utilizing points (or nodes) and lines to create geometric shapes. Vector images are scalable, since they use geometric curves to define shapes. Screen resolution is much more coarse than print resolution, which is why we need vector artwork to create large, crisp imprints

Where can I get a vector graphic of my logo?

Normally the marketing department or the branding team who built your logo is a good place to start. They have multiple file types of your logo and can send the right one to you.


***Text vs curves graphic***

Definition: link or embed fonts Or Change to curves