1. Orders print standard 1-2-days AFTER the artwork has been approved (cut off is 5 p.m.)
  2. Orders submitted after 5 p.m. are inputted on the next business day.
  3. Artwork is created proportionately according to the requested dimensions. Customers can request that artwork be stretched to fill the dimension area.
  4. Customers must approve artwork with the graphic designer assigned to your order.
  5. Customer must critically review spelling, size, artwork, transfer type, sheet size, and color(s) on all artwork proofs before approving it.
  6. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the artwork proof thoroughly. If for any reason the artwork is approved and later the customer realizes there were errors with the artwork, the customer is responsible to pay for the order.
  7. Orders printed differently than the approved artwork proof are reprinted exactly (as the approved proof) at no additional charge to the customer. The customer must return the original order to Award & Sign. If the customer chooses to keep the misprinted transfers, the customer must pay for 50% of the original invoice.
  8. Revisions are defined as: change color(s); add color(s); slightly alter image/design; change type of transfer paper; increase number of images; increase image size; change/add/subtract text.
  9. The first revision is FREE. Revisions, beyond the first, cost $10 per revision.
  10. Redesign artwork is defined as deleting the image and creating a new image. The redesign is $25. The customer is responsible to pay for the deleted artwork fees and the redesign fees.
  11. Recreate artwork is defined as: exact logo recreation; scanned and/or traced artwork, typesetting text over 100 characters. Recreate artwork fee is $25. We do not accept ‘Live-Traced’ or ‘Bitmap Traced’ artwork as finished. Artwork that is a computer-generated trace will require art fees.
  12. All orders are custom printed to customer specifications. Award & Sign is not responsible for trademarks, copyrights, and/or license infringements on jobs printed for customers. Customers warrant authorization by trademark, copyright, and/or license owner prior to submitting order to Award & Sign.


Existing customers:

  1. Existing customers with good credit will continue to have net 30 terms.
  2. Customers with net 30 terms who are paying over 60 days should be advised that they may be placed on COD. Bookkeeper will send a notice and a note will be placed on your account
  3. Customers with net 30 terms paying over 75 days will automatically be placed on COD
    • The bookkeeper will put a note in BizWiz that have been moved from net 30 to COD (permanently)
    • Bookkeeper will notify salespeople through email of those customers placed on COD
      1. Deposits on large orders (net 30 customers):
    • A 50% deposit is required on orders over $2000.00
    • Exceptions to this must be approved by owners

New Customers:

  1. A credit card number must be submitted with every order.
  2. All customers are required to pay a 50% deposit on orders over $500.00 when the order is placed.
  3. Small plate orders are charged in full when the order is placed.
  4. Net 30 terms are no longer an option.
  5. “On receipt” terms are not an option
  6. Most organizations have a bank or credit card. There may be some unusual circumstances where larger organizations will need terms. Customers exempt from net 30 terms processing are:
    1. Government
    2. Schools
    3. Some larger corporations – only with approval from owners
    4. Sales people do not have the authority to grant credit.

Wholesale customers:

  1. Existing customers with good credit will continue to have net 30 terms
  2. All new customers COD
  3. Customers requesting credit should be directed to Laurie

Exchange of goods and payment:

  1. COD customers must pay for the product when they receive it. Do not give the product to the customer without payment.
  2. Do not ship direct to the customer from the supplier without payment arrangements.